Semester 3

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July 21st – Navigating Medical Fatphobia and Ableism-with Wren Ivy

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Full Semester 3 Schedule:

7/9 at 7pm: To Whom this Poem May Apply with Najya Williams

7/21 at 7pm: Navigating Medical Fatphobia and Ableism with Wren Ivy, Register Here!

8/5 at 7pm: Kindness and Compassion as a Politic with Lily Orion

8/11 at 7pm: The Power of the Vision Board: Manifesting for Marginalized People with Dío Zamora Ramírez

8/18 at 7pm: Blowing Up the Proscenium: Crafting Activist Theatre and Performance Art with Christian Krenek

8/24 at 7pm Basic Strategies in Trauma-Informed Care: For Activists with Abby Neale and Josh Lown

8/28 at 7pm: Radical Creativity as a Bridge Across Disciplines with Anurima Kumar

9/8 at 7pm: Irish Dance for Connection with Jo Troll